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Fjarðarbraut 21, 755 Stöðvarfjörður.

Opening hours


Open from May 1st through September 30th from 9 AM to 6 PM.

A home that became a museum.


It's a home that became a museum.

Entrance Fee


Entrance fee is 1000 ISK for 14 years and older.

The cornerstone of our nation

Friðrik BrekkanGuide Friðrik Brekkan was a frequent visitor in Petra´s rock collection. He maintains that Petra is one of the cornerstones of the nation.

"Petra was sincere and remained faithful to her ideals. This enabled her to enthrall the general public. Because of this the collection is indeed on an international scale. Most tourist in Iceland are "ordinary people" who are capable of taking in what is ordinary and appreciate an initiative such as the rock collection. Public discussion in this country is - alas - on a very base plan, revolving around money and glorifying celebrities – which again overshadows admiration and understanding for enterprising individuals like Petra. If we scrutinized in more detail the good and sincere deeds in our own country, we wouldn´t find ourselves in a spiritual straightjacket. People would learn to appreciate more their country and abolish this perpetual sense of inferiority. Petra is indeed one of the cornerstones of our nation. I am thankful for the opportunity to know her and her work."

Mineral"A mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is solid and stable at room temperature, representable by a chemical formula, usually abiogenic, and has an ordered atomic structure. It is different from a rock, which can be an aggregate of minerals or non-minerals and does not have a specific chemical composition. The exact definition of a mineral is under debate, especially with respect to the requirement a valid species be abiogenic, and to a lesser extent with regards to it having an ordered atomic structure. The study of minerals is called mineralogy".

The Book

Steina Petra Cover photo

The book about Petra is available in Icelandic and English (click image for preview).

ISK 2.900-

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